Building the Anagama

Assisting a kiln build for Eckerd College with Brian Ransom and Nick Schwartz!


2,000 ft of parachord, 500 lb.s of clay, and 4 hours

Performance constructing an action-made slab, ruminating on walking as meditation and space for contemplation. Also, the parachord both binds and supports, exploring the duality of femininity.

A Normal Life

Archival video from a series of interviews with trauma survivors on the subject of therapy. Utilizing clay as the medium for advocating art as self healing.

3 minutes of 30, Full video still in progress

Day #1987

This is a self-portrait performance piece in the hallways of the Visual Arts Center (University of Colorado) created in my Post-Baccalaureate study.

I am visualizing the mental affects of Post Trauma Stress, utilizing clay as a medium to explain art as self-prescribed therapy. The soundscape features experimental sound and excerpts from Podcast channel: Changing Direction, Michele Rosenthal.


This is the documentation of a performance piece displayed in the exhibition, "In The Waiting Line". I question the culture and practice of traditional stye tattoo emerging from the 1940's. I am interested in patriotism and liberation from system. The process of making purple creates conversation about gender roles.

Response inspired by phone interview with Brandon Derski, manager of Made To Last Tattoo, NC.