Anderson Ranch

Photo taken at Anderson Ranch Art Center


From Boulder, Colorado

Undergrad Sierra Nevada College

Currently Post-Baccalaureate at University of Colorado :)

I make mixed-media ceramic sculptures that are anchored in subjective experiences but speak to greater social issues today. I create anatomical structures in collaboration with mixed-media installation. My work lives in the present and instigates conversation that allows the viewer to questions social constructs for example, gender fluidity. I allow my culture and the ‘everyday occurrences’ to make the visual form accessible. Installation and interaction enable more complex dialogue.  

My interest in anatomical structures derives from my passion for creating life from a material (clay) that has no previous intention of being any form. Clay is the authentic element of my visual work. Being an inter-disciplinary artist, collaboration between mediums is crucial to my practice. My use of up-cycled material informs the history surrounding the object.