Anderson Ranch

Photo taken at Anderson Ranch Art Center


Collyn Ahren is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus in ceramic sculpture. Her primary medium is clay, for its rich history and beauty as it undergoes many diverse stages. She finds moments of success in the process of making and archiving work. Her practice allows the body and material to collaborate in an endeavor of catharsis. Her current work explores the navigation of everyday life through the rebellious act of producing unfunctional objects in an economy driven by consuming. Collyn is interested in performing these acts live as well as displaying archival objects and documentation. Her videos and photography question the reproduction of trauma and exploitations of the hi-tech world in which we currently live.


Collyn Ahren is an artist born in August of 1993, and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She received a bachelor’s in fine arts at Sierra Nevada College and went on to complete a post-baccalaureate program in ceramics at the University of Colorado. She is currently a graduate candidate at Parsons Fine Arts. Collyn has held two solo shows at Sierra Nevada College as a student and as alumna. She has shown work in group shows at The Holland Project in Reno, at the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art in Davis, and the National Conference for Ceramic Arts in Pittsburgh and Eclectic Youth for Blended Magazine NYC. She was awarded the Perspectives on Design Award in 2017, and the Provost Scholarship to attend Parsons in 2018.